Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Realidade Oculta de David Icke

"Nada é verdade tudo é permissivel".
Hassan al Sabah,o Velho da Montanha,lider da seita dos Haxaxinos no século XII.

"When the Whole went seeking for the One from whom All come,the All was found to be the Divine Self,Almighty God,inscrutable,indescribable,supreme.
Nescience had caused anxiety and fear,a smutty fog that made people feel blind.
Error became potent and,through folly,began creating with force and beauty a falsity of truth.
This wasn't an embarrassment for the inscrutable,indescribable Supreme;it was nothing,this angst,forgetfulness and guile,for Real Truth is unchanging perfection.
From this fact,learn to hate error,which lacked knowledge of the source and dropped into dense mist,regarding the Father,forming illusion to frighten and seize those beings existing in the intermediate realm."
(From the Gnostic Gospel of Truth)

"As I entered what we call the 21st century,many pieces in the puzzle were coming together.The world was controlled by a network of secret societies manipulated by the Illuminati,who had structured the world to create maximum fear and stress.This was feeding the Reptilians and other entities in the interspaces,and the more wars,conflict,terror,despair and grief that could be generated by human events,the more power the Reptilians and company would have to recycle against us,and speed the rate at which this energy-generator called human 'life' would spin."
David Icke in "Infinite Love is the Only Truth,Everything Else is Illusion".
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As diferentes realidades da Matrix segundo David Icke:

"Calcule o número da Besta,pois é o número de um homem,e o número é 666".
Apocalipse 13:16-18

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